Flexibility Unlike Any Other
Investing in a Portable Building structure opens up a world of options you may not have even considered, that could prove very beneficial later on. Multiple options for building components means the building can easily and quickly be adapted for almost any purpose.

As Permanent As You Need It To Be
Featuring non-corroding aluminum substructure and ultra-durable, high-performance architectural membrane provides all-weather protection from the elements, which translates into an incredibly long lifespan. Includes a 30 year guarantee on the aluminum substructure.

These structures have proven themselves in some of the world’s most extreme climates — from the Siberian Arctic to the Deserts of the Middle East and more.

Change Made Simple
If, over time, your space needs change, portable building structure can change too. We provide a modular clear span design, which allows you to easily add or remove modules, thereby increasing or decreasing the available square footage of your structure.

Limited Foundation Requirements
These lightweight aluminum substructure greatly reduces the size of footings or foundations compared to conventional buildings, and if appropriate soil conditions exist, less permanent applications have absolutely zero subsurface foundation requirements for structures up to 180 feet wide.

Ready to Move When You Are
Portable Building structures are specifically designed and engineered for ease of movement. Structures may be disassembled moved and completely reconfigured. Since they can be quickly and easily relocated, the same structures can often serve many different purposes at various sites.

See the three lives of a Portable Building structure

Speed of Delivery and Construction
With over 2 million square feet of inventory available, most Sprung building sizes are available for delivery within 3 weeks of order. The Sprung team can complete non-insulated structures at a rate of up to 2,000 sq. ft. per day, and insulated structures at a rate of up to 1,000 sq. ft. per day.

Immediate Delivery From Inventory
Our large inventory, ensures exceptionally fast delivery and timely project completion. Building facilities are fully operational in a much shorter time frame than conventional construction. Businesses can open ahead of schedule or expand production more quickly.

Fully Relocatable
Modular design means Sprung structures are fully relocatable and expandable. May be disassembled, moved or completely reconfigured, even after many years of use. Clearspan design allows for multi-use applications.

Limited Foundation Requirements
When appropriate soil conditions exist, no foundation is required for structures up to 160 feet wide. Little or no ground surface preparation is required. Building costs and timelines can be significantly reduced compared to conventional construction.

Flexible Leasing and Purchase Options
Purchase or lease with option to purchase. Up-front capital investment. May be reduced to provide significant cash flow savings.

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